This is a sample of some of our recent custom applications

Text Lookup

  • Enter all your Barcodes with a description
  • Search and display 
  • Print to a Thermal Barcode printer
  • Log all scans of a Barcode
  • Interpret custom EAN price and weight based barcodes  

Nurse Call Systems

  • Digital Monitors for DigiMim
  • Web Site Monitoring of wards
  • Daily email of previous days activities 
  • Email notifications of calls

Track and trace

  • Track material usage through the production process 
  • Produce rolls labels for full trace ability
  • Produce Machine, Job or Operator specific Daily, Monthly Reports

Goods Receiving

  • Weigh trucks on entry and exit
  • Validate delivery mass
  • Produce Daily, Monthly Reports

Clinical Trial Software

  • Site management
  • Drug Dispensing
  • Monitor trial subject visit
  • Produce Custom Daily, Monthly Reports