Welcome to the MRPS Website. MRPS has been an Axicon Barcode Verifier reseller for nearly 20 years now, supplying hardware, software and support to over 100 clients. These barcode verifiers have become easier to use over the years, with USB2 the speed of use is phenomonal. Newly introduced are the IP range of dust and water proof 7000's. Have a look at the new products on the Axicon web site.

MRPS also offers a barcode verification report service to various clients in the retail industry. The MRPS team conducts barcode audits for clients to analyse their product's barcode print quality. Once an audit has been conducted, MRPS will provide the client with the equipment needed to help produce barcodes that read first time every time as per GS1 Specification!

We have also started working with Raspberry PI as an entry level data logger for a number of clients. Contact us for more info using the Contact tab above!